What to Expect

Do I have to be Baptist to attend Mason Valley S.B.C.?

In a word- NO. Less than half of our church attendees come from a Baptist background. Mason Valley S.B.C. is a Bible-based church. We teach, preach, and train ourselves to live out the truth of Scripture in our everyday lives. Our focus is for us all to be followers of Jesus Christ.

 What should I wear?

We dress casual.  We believe that what a person looks like on the outside is not nearly as important as what is on the inside.  At Mason Valley S.B.C, you will see blue jeans, khakis, skirts, suits and even shorts.  Dress however you feel comfortable.

 What are our services like?

We strive to create an environment for worship where people are encouraged to experience the presence of God.  Our music style is an expression our reverence to an awesome and holy God. At our 11 AM service the music reflects the hymns of our faith as well as some praise songs. 


Practical Bible Preaching and Bible Teaching is something else you can expect. Pastor Mitch’s messages are backed by the truth of God's word and never lack passion. When you visit MVSBC, you can expect to hear God's message communicated in a way that is both practical and relevant to our daily lives. Messages are available on CD so you can review them at home or in your car and also avaiable on our website under "Sermons".

Likewise, our Sunday School classes are there to help you apply these practical and useful biblical truths to your lives.

 What about my children?

You can expect us to treat your children like family. All of the children’s workers at MVSBC have been selected for their love for God and for children. We strive to maintain a warm and secure environment for all our preschool and grade school children.

We have programs that cover every age group from birth to 12th grade.