In Bookstores now.  Biblical Worship: Pursuing Intimacy with God. 

Pastor Greg's book is now available in your local bookstores or at                                       The ISBN numbers for the book are as follows:                                                                                                  Soft Cover - #9781512705201                                                                                                                        Hard Cover - #9781512705218                                                                                                                           E-Book - #9781512705195 

From the scriptures, Dr. McCabe discusses the importance of God honoring worship. You will discover how God's people are meant to worship and interact with our Heavenly Father, on His terms, and in a way He alone makes possible. God has always had a way He wants to be worshiped and He has outlined that way for us in His Word. Biblical Worship: Pursuing Intimacy with God is a book for every follower of Jesus Christ, regardless of their desired worship style or worship traditions. The insights contained within its pages about God's desires of how we worship Him has the potential to shock you at times. This book will challenge you to radically rethink the meaning and practice of worship. This breathtaking journey is without a doubt one you won't want to end.